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Function meets form. Serving homes and businesses in the Washington DC metropolitan area for more than 10 years, we keep you safe while adding to the overall aesthetic.
The first step to safety is controlling access. From telephone entry to remote access, knowing who enters your property and when is essential to overall security.
A crisp, clean look at what happens outside your building has never been easier. Our state-of-the-art cameras are an integral part of keeping your home or business safe.

AutoGate Electric-

Surveillance and security solutions with innovation in mind

AutoGate Electric has been serving customers in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area for over 10 years. AutoGate Electric has installed and serviced hundreds of security gate and surveillance systems of all sizes and specifications.


Used for centuries, security gates have provided safety and delineation of property in all types of neighborhoods and residential developments along with on many varieties of commercial properties.

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Access Controls

It goes without saying the second most important feature of property security is maintaining access for those entering your home, building or office.

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Taking security to the next level, the installation of cameras not only allows you visual confirmation of who enters your property, but also allow for video back-up

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