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The first step to safety is controlling access. From telephone entry to remote access, knowing who enters your property and when is essential to overall security.

Access Controls

It goes without saying the second most important feature of property security is maintaining access for those entering your home, building or office. Depending on your personal preference, you may choose to employ a person - or an entire staff - to monitor gate activity. Doing so allows complete control over who enters the property and when they do. However, with employees comes a financial obligation and responsibility as well.

Many alternatives to one or more people monitoring admittance through the gate are available. Products are available today are as sophisticated or as basic as you desire. Telephone entry, keyless entry and remote access all allow the security of knowing your property is protected without the added expense of additional employees.

Commercial customers often find the need for multiple systems within the same facility due to heightened security in some departments or offices. This never presents a problem; our professional property security specialists work with you to determine the best solution for your security needs. Call us today for your free consultation and installation estimate.