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Function meets form. Serving homes and businesses in the Washington DC metropolitan area for more than 10 years, we keep you safe while adding to the overall aesthetic.

Specialty Gates

Your property is unique as are your needs. That is exactly why we offer a wide selection of specialty gates to our customers. The latest technology in security gates is at your fingertips with AutoGate Electric.

Solar powered gates, automated chain barriers, vertical power lifting gates and crash barriers all provide the security you require, with the innovation you seek. No matter if you need to simply keep passers-by out of your designated parking spot with an automated chain barrier, or want to ensure vehicles will not enter or exit unless authorized using the same crash barriers used at Fort Knox, we can make that happen. The latest technology and products come together to create specialty gates to fit any situation, property, or security need.

Consult with our team of property security specialists today to determine your specific needs and the products and services we offer to meet those needs. Consultations and installation quotes are always free, so call today for your appointment.