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The first step to safety is controlling access. From telephone entry to remote access, knowing who enters your property and when is essential to overall security.


Perhaps one of the least thought of - and most important - aspects of security is the lock on the door. No security system is complete without the best lock possible. When the items you are protecting - either physical property or electronic data - warrants top security, the investment in a quality lock will never be surpassed.

Magnetic locks are the best solution. High quality electro-magnetic locks and brackets can accommodate nearly any access control system. In some instances, a combination of both magnetic and mechanical connections is installed for an extra layer of security and safety. Since magnetic locks do not use moving parts, they are virtually maintenance free and will not wear out or break over time.

Available in both surface mount and flush mount designs, magnetic locks are easily adaptable to any environment and use. Some models are equipped with LED lock status indicators, signal relays and built-in timers that lock the door in a matter of seconds.

Schedule your free consultation and installation estimate today with our security professionals. No matter what you need to secure, we can develop a system to meet your requirements.