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The first step to safety is controlling access. From telephone entry to remote access, knowing who enters your property and when is essential to overall security.

Keyless Entry/Access Cards & Fobs

Choosing a keyless entry system using access cards, fobs or other security clearing device, provides the confidence of knowing who enters which door at what time. Typically used in businesses, a keyless entry system keeps your business information private and accessible only to those who are intended.

Whether you need to secure one particular area, each office on a specific floor or even just the executive offices, keyless entry is a wise decision. Access cards and fobs are assigned to an individual employee, which identifies that specific employee each time the card is used. Recorded electronically, you can monitor who accesses a particular office or room at any given time, lending the dependability and security you seek.

Contact AutoGate Electric today for more information on how to incorporate a keyless entry security system in your office. Consultations and installation estimates are always free, so give us a call and we will create the ideal security system for your business based on your individual needs.